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Our Johnstown, CO driving devices will help you get back behind the wheel

You have a disability that stops you from driving, and you’re tired of waiting for a ride or asking others to drive for you. Peddle Master, Inc in Johnstown, CO may have a solution for you.

Don’t worry about having to purchase a special vehicle or relying on a friend or caregiver to drive you around town. Just implement the portable and affordable Peddle Master driving aid devices. They work in any automatic transmission vehicle, and have been tested and approved by driving authorities in the United States. Rediscover your freedom and get back on the road today.

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3 reasons to purchase a Peddle Master

If you have a disability that prevents you from driving, you know how precious the freedom to drive can be. Here are a few reasons to purchase Peddle Master gas and brake driving controls for your vehicle:

  1. They’re more affordable than a permanent hand control system
  2. They work in almost any automatic transmission vehicle
  3. They will decrease your dependence on others for transport

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Drive with ease

The Peddle Master system was devised in 1991 by Rick Judson. He was looking for a product that he could use to help him drive any automatic car safely. He invented Peddle Master to give disabled people the ability to drive their vehicles on their own. As long as they have access to a vehicle with an automatic transmission, they can get behind the wheel and hit the road. The Peddle Master can control the brake and gas pedals, and it’s affordable and easy to transport.

Choose Peddle Master today to improve your mobility.

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