Drive Your Vehicle With Confidence

Drive Your Vehicle With Confidence

Benefit from a safe driving aid made in Johnstown, CO

The Peddle Master is a travel-friendly hand-operated driving device created by Rick Judson to assist the disabled community. His goal was to create a device that wouldn’t limit his freedom and wouldn’t cost thousands of dollars to install. He invented the Peddle Master in 1991 in Johnstown, CO to provide himself and other disabled individuals with the ability to drive a wide range of vehicles, giving them the freedom they need to complete everyday tasks.

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3 reasons to purchase the Peddle Master

If you’re looking for an affordable driving implement to help you overcome the limitations of your disability, the Peddle Master is the pedal control mechanism for you. Here are a few reasons to consider our product:

  1. We have sold over 8,000 Peddle Masters worldwide
  2. The Peddle Master has been tested by Louisiana Tech University, the University of Virginia Auto Safety Laboratory and the Society of Automobile Engineers
  3. The Peddle Master has been named the most user-friendly product among hand-controlled driving implements

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