1. How do you drive with two separate controls?

Using Peddle Master is the same as driving with your feet. Simply
move your hand back and forth on the hand controls instead of using
your feet on the pedals. One hand control is for the accelerator and
one is for the brake.

2. Do the hand controls adjust in length?

Peddle Master is 26½ inches in length and runs evenly with the steering wheel. Just like driving with your feet, you can adjust your driver's side seat if needed. There are no major adjustments necessary with Peddle Master.

3. How do the hand controls attach to the car?

The hand controls have spring loaded jaws that clamp securely around the brake and accelerator pedals on an automatic transmission vehicle. This can easily be accomplished while sitting in the driver's seat. Click here to see a video of the installation steps as featured on our Home page.

4. Do the hand controls attach to the steering column?

The hand controls are unattached and rest in your lap as you drive. This design allows you greater flexibility and makes Peddle Master easier to use because they are NOT attached to the steering column. Click here to see a video of Peddle Master in action.

5. How do you steer and use the hand controls at the same time?

To see an example of how one drives using Peddle Master, please view the video on our Home page. You can also purchase a steering wheel spinner knob featured on our Products page, which makes steering easier.

6. How do you distinguish between the two separate handles?

One handle is vertical like an accelerator pedal and the other handle is horizontal like a brake pedal. This helps you to easily distinguish between the two handles.

7. How do you know if the hand controls will fit your car?

Peddle Master is versatile and fits in any car with an automatic transmission. The jaws are designed to adjust for different size pedals. The brake has 4 adjustments and the accelerator has 3 adjustments.

8. How durable are the devices?

Peddle Master is rugged with time-tested endurance. Once the jaws are in place, they are locked in place with minimal movement. This adds strength, safety, and reliability.

9. What materials are used to make Peddle Master?

Peddle Master is made of all non-corrosive material (aircraft grade aluminum, stainless steel, glass injected poly carbon plastic, and zinc plated spring and screws). Peddle Master is proudly made in the USA.

10. Has Peddle Master been safety tested and evaluated?

Yes, Peddle Master has been time tested, evaluated, and government approved. Peddle Master has been evaluated and tested by Louisiana Tech University and the UVA, the University of Virginia Auto Safety Laboratory, for durability and use in the automobile industry. We are SAE (Society of Automobile Engineers) tested and approved. Peddle Master is safe, government and time tested to last a lifetime. Peddle Master is manufactured in the United States.

11. Is Peddle Master approved for use in my state?

Yes, but US customers should contact the Department of Motor Vehicles for more info. And as far as outside the United States go, please contact your local equivalent to the United States DMV.

12. When do my order ship, and do you offer rush delivery?

We ship daily (Saturdays, Sundays, and US holidays excluded). Orders received by 1 PM MST (Mountain Standard Time) will ship the same day. Orders received after 1 PM MST will ship the following business days. We do offer express delivery at an extra cost. Shipments outside the US vary in time and cost depending upon the individual country's postal service. Taxes and duties may apply to overseas shipments. Currently, we're offering the following S&H options: UPS Ground (U.S. only), USPS Priority (U.S. and International), USPS Express (U.S. and International).

13. What is your return policy?

Our products come with a 15-day "hassle-free" money-back guarantee.

To return a product, please do the following:

  1. Contact our Customer Service department via phone or e-mail to let us know of the return. Please mention the order number and the name of the person on the invoice.
  2. Send the product back in its original package along with all accessories and paperwork. We will credit you back the purchase price plus tax (if applicable). Shipping and handling does not apply, nor does taxes and duties outside of the United States. Return address can be found on our contact page.

14. Do your products come with a warranty?

Yes, our products come with a 3-year limited warranty:
Peddle Master Limited Warranty —

Peddle Master warrants this product to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for 3 years. If you feel that your product has a manufacturer defect you may:

  1. Return the product to Peddle Master. Peddle Master will make the determination if the product is defective and if so, either replace the product with a new one or refund the purchase price of the product to you.
  2. Return the product directly to Peddle Master in the original box. You can reach our customer service department at 1-800-587-5212 during normal business hours. Upon receipt of the product, Peddle Master will determine if it is defective and if so, will either replace or repair the product (cash refunds are not an option).

This warranty begins on the date of the original purchase. Proof of purchase is required to obtain warranty coverage.

This warranty is void when the user fails to comply with the intended function of the product or is as a result of unreasonable use, misuse, accident, damage or alteration of the product. The owner is responsible for ordinary maintenance and care of the product.