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Portable Hand Controls For Driving

Peddle Master, Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of portable hand controls for cars and handicap driving. The Peddle Master product works in any vehicle with an automatic transmission, and has been tested and approved by driving authorities in the United States. Rick Judson created the Peddle Master to give those with disabilities the opportunity to drive their cars on their own, with relying on their feet to control the brake and gas pedals. Experience the simplest, most convenient solution to portable handicap driving hand controls!


It takes just seconds to install or uninstall Peddle Master, so you can get moving quicker.


Peddle Master is so versatile, it can even be used on farm equipment, golf carts & more.


Tested by Louisiana Tech University, the UVA Lab in Virginia and approved by the D.C. DOT for test driving!


Peddle Master comes with a 3-year warranty on service and parts & money back guarantee (15-day).


Easy & Convenient

Losing the ability to drive can mean losing your freedom. At Peddle Master, Inc., we give you that freedom back with our portable hand controls for cars. Our handicap driving hand controls are suitable for any car, and are easily installed and uninstalled in seconds. They clamp onto the gas and brake pedals, giving you instant control over both using your hands instead of your feet. There’s no change to how you drive, and you’ll experience the freedom to once again go where you want, on your terms!

Peddle Master is the leading choice for portable hand controls

Peddle Master is made in Johnstown, CO and broadly approved by transit authorities as an assistive driving device. It’s so easy to use that anyone can feel confident using it, no matter the severity of your handicap. To install our patented system, just pull the finger mechanism to engage the spring, position the Peddle Master on the gas and brake pedals, and release the trigger to clamp down. With the Peddle Master securely in place, you’ll be well on your way to driving in no time—using your hands instead of your feet!
Peddle Master

Gain Back Your Freedom

People love our portable hand controls for cars because, unlike permanent systems or retrofits, you’re not confined to a single vehicle. The cost of Peddle Master is also far lower than many installed systems—not to mention less invasive for your vehicle! You get the functionality you need from an assistive driving system, without the heavy cost or restrictive installation.

It’s time to get back behind the wheel with confidence and Peddle Master

Contact us today to learn more about our simple, effective, proven system and how it can give you the comfort, convenience and confidence to drive any car again. Get back behind the wheel using Peddle Master’s handicap driving hand controls and experience the freedom and happiness that comes from being able to travel independently, any time.

Proudly offering disabled driver hand controls and hand brakes to the following areas:
Denver, CO | Lakewood, CO | Aurora, CO | Boulder, CO | Loveland, CO | Greeley, CO | Colorado Springs, CO | And the rest of the state of Colorado | And USA