Hand Controls for Disabled Driving in Johnstown, CO

The Peddle Master is a travel-friendly, hand-operated vehicle accelerator pedal controller for disabled drivers in Johnstown and Loveland, CO, created by Rick Judson to assist the disabled community. Rick’s goal was to create a device that wouldn’t limit his freedom to drive and wouldn’t cost thousands of dollars to install. He invented the Peddle Master in 1991 in Johnstown, CO to provide himself and other disabled individuals with the ability to drive a wide range of vehicles. Thanks to the convenience and simplicity of Peddle Master, Inc.’s patented design, it’s easy for anyone to get behind the wheel, hit the road and take back your freedom!

Hand Controls for Disabled Drivers

Convenient, Intuitive Design

Our car hand controls for disabled drivers install in seconds and work on virtually any vehicle. You’ll quickly adapt to using your hands instead of your feet to control the pedals, because the principle is the same! The rest of your driving experience is exactly the same, giving you more freedom and comfort over other types of portable hand controls for cars.

Affordable and Efficient

The cost of installing a vehicle accelerator pedal controller for disabled drivers can be astronomical! Worse still, they limit you to whatever vehicle they’re installed in. Peddle Master, Inc.’s car hand controls for disabled drivers fit almost any automatic transmission vehicle and easily move from one vehicle to another—great for multiple car households or rental vehicles. Plus, they’re an affordable option that delivers superior value through recurring use!

Made for You!

Peddle Master is an assistive device made for the disabled community by someone who understands the challenges and the expectations of individuals who have been stripped of their ability to drive. Our vehicle brake pedal controller for disabled drivers considers everything from comfort and convenience to cost and performance, so you never feel powerless when it comes to getting behind the wheel.

Get In Touch

To learn more about Peddle Master, Inc. or to order your car hand control for disabled driving today, please contact us at 970-587-8962. Peddle Master, Inc. is made in the USA and ships from Johnstown, CO. Take a look at our hand controls for cars for sale today!