Hand Controls for Disabled Drivers

There are many different types of hand controls for disabled driving out there, but few offer the convenience, utility and practicality of the Peddle Master! Designed and manufactured right here in Johnstown, CO, you won’t find a simpler, more effective system for assisted driving.

How it Works

Using Peddle Master is simple, and the system can be installed and uninstalled in seconds. Once the portable hand controls are securely affixed to the pedals, you’ll have no trouble driving. Use one hand for steering, while the other controls the Peddle Master in the same way your feet would actuate the pedals. It’s an uncomplicated system that you’ll quickly master. Here’s how it works:


Retract the clamp by pulling the trigger mechanism on the Peddle Master.


Place the Peddle Master over the pedal and position it accordingly.


Release the trigger mechanism to engage the clamp.

Black Set On Car

Tested and Approved by Experts

Peddle Master is widely tested and approved by both transit authorities and assistive technology evaluation standards. The University of Virginia Auto Safety Laboratory tested the Peddle Master for the Justice Department in Washington D.C., and the Peddle Master has been approved for use by car dealerships for test driving purposes. Additionally, a study by Louisiana Tech University named Peddle Master the most user-friendly and easiest-to-adapt-to hand control device on the market.


If you have a disability that prevents you from driving, you know how precious the freedom to drive can be. Here’s why Peddle Master is the most popular and trusted handicap driving controls for disabled driving.

  • Our portable hand controls are more affordable than a permanent hand control system.
  • Our convenient system works in almost any automatic transmission vehicle.
  • The brake has four adjustments; the accelerator has three adjustments.
  • Horizontal and vertical hand controls distinguish brake and accelerator pedals.
  • You can quickly and easily transfer Peddle Master controls to another vehicle.
  • No new driving style to learn or adapt to—just use your hands instead of your feet!
  • Over 10,000 Peddle Master controls have been sold worldwide.
  • Made of all non-corrosive material (aluminum, stainless steel, poly carbon plastic, etc.).
  • Designed in Johnstown, CO and made in the United States.
  • Backed by a three-year parts warranty and a 15-day money back guarantee.

Assisted Driving, Made Simple

Before you spend the money and go through the process of retrofitting your vehicle with an assistive driving system, we invite you to explore the opportunities offered by Peddle Master. Learn more about our portable hand controls today by calling 970-587-8962.