November 3, 2023

Great for Farming

"I use them everyday in tractors to push the Clutch & Brake, they're quick to clip on and off to move from one tractor to another. Great product!!!"
February 2, 2022

2022-04-22 | 20:29:25

"I recently purchased the Peddle Master hand controls because of major health issues. I was born with a mild form of cerebral palsy called spastic diplegia and have had multiple back surgeries in recent years. Because of complications from my last back surgery, I am now in a wheelchair. For a few years after that surgery I was able to drive with no problems but recently my legs have both gotten weaker. I got Peddle Master and tried it out and loved it. The Peddle Master has allowed me to travel to the grocery store, my doctor and to see friends. Thank you Rick Judson for inventing the Peddle Master. As a member of the disabled community I am aware of so many obstacles we face. It's nice to at least be able to continue driving without a huge expense and an easy to use device. Thanks again Rick Judson."
December 27, 2021

2022-04-22 | 20:28:56

"Don't shop anywhere else :) -- these are the best hand controls you will find. I have traveled all around the world with these - they are super easy to put on - and dont destroy your car. I have been driving with these for over 8 years and just ordered my second set - dont know why I waited so long to buy the second set. A++ customer service; A++ design/quality and A++ comfort and use. These hand controls gave me my freedom - and literally saved my life. T12 para."
January 21, 2021

"My life ground to a sudden and complete halt when I suffered a bimalleolar fracture of my right leg. After surgery, I was required to be completely non-weight-bearing for three months. Non-weight-bearing means no pressing on the accelerator or brake pedal either. I live in southern California where one has to drive for everything. Since I couldn't manage public transportation, I would either have to go by taxi (prohibitively expensive) or impose on friends for rides. To further complicate matters, I am the primary caregiver for my legally blind mother. My friend Liz told me about Peddle Master and I ordered a set. WOW! Once I got my stitches out and a cast on my leg, I started using the system. They were amazingly intuitive and within minutes I was able to drive around town. Now I can take myself and my mother wherever we need to go just like before the accident. This was an especially great option for me since I couldn't justify the expense of a permanent installation. Thank you so very much for a wonderful product and for the great customer support"
January 21, 2021

"Thanks a Million Guys! The Peddle Master hand controls are the best thing since cruise control. I bought a pair six years ago, another pair for travel, and one more for a second vehicle I purchased. I have driven vans with conventional hand controls in the past and always get my legs skinned up on the hardware under the dash. These move out of my way and the convenient grips on the ends take only seconds to put on and off. I appreciate the service I have received as well. Kudos to the people at Peddle Master. I have a lot more freedom now to drive whatever I want from cars to off-road 4x4's to golf carts. Thanks again!"
January 21, 2021

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for giving me my freedom back. My hand controls are awesome!! I got them in September and love having them so much that I can't remember not having them. I wasn't able to go shopping even for groceries because my legs would get so tired and heavy. Now I can go because I don't have to worry about lifting them to drive. What a blessing to have such wonderful hand controls. Thank you and god bless"